Tiny Water Treatment
water treatment for small spaces


Tiny Water Treatment is a guide to help consumers design their own water treatment systems according to their needs.  Primarily focused on the tiny living community, but with helpful information for all consumers, we hope to make water treatment affordable and accessible to everyone.


Tiny Water Treatment

Just because the water comes out of a tap does not mean it's treated, tested, or good to drink. 

Learn how to test and treat your own water using reasonably priced equipment that fits in your space.


Small Spaces for Nomads

If you're a nomad, you'll want to be prepared to capture your water from various sources.  Click below to see our recommendations for packable water treatment equipment that addresses all of the problems you're likely to encounter.


Stationary Tiny Homes

If you stay in one location, you can more tightly tailor your approach to your water source.  Click below to design a water treatment system that will address all your needs, but still fit in your small space.


Sticks and Bricks Houses

If you have plenty of space for equipment, but would rather DIY than pay the local water treatment company to treat your water, click below to learn about designing your system and sourcing your own equipment.


Purified Water

The average consumer probably thinks they know what a water purifier does, but they're probably wrong.  And it's not their fault—the water treatment industry is to blame.

A controversial definition of "water purifier," and why it matters.


Bottled Water

Treating your tap water to a drinking water standard that you're satisfied with is not for everyone.  For some of us, it makes more sense to buy bottled.  But just because water is sold in a bottle does not mean it's better than what you can make yourself.


Water Softeners

Ever since Emmett Culligan popularized in-home water treatment in the 1930s, water softeners have been big business.  And for good reason—treated water offers real, tangible benefits to homeowners.